Citadel | What To Get at Our Favorite Cocktails Bars in Miami
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What To Get at Our Favorite Cocktails Bars in Miami

What To Get at Our Favorite Cocktails Bars in Miami

Miami’s cocktail and mixology scene is not only on the rise, but it’s paralleling many of the world’s biggest cities for spirited libations, pun intended. Over the past few years, some of the most talented mixologists have partnered with hotels and emerging restauranteurs to throw their drink knowledge into the mix. We could name the fancier places like Regent Cocktail Club, Repour or Living Room but when it comes to having a great sips, we also look for an atmosphere where everyone’s welcome to be themselves and just sit and enjoy the drink at hand. Check out our comprehensive list of our favorite cocktail spots and which drinks you just can’t pass:

rosemary-s-baby“Rosemary’s Baby” – Gramps
It’s just a step above a classic dive, with some of the best nightly underground tunes around. But the drinks at Gramps are on another level and we know you’ll be a fan once you witness the fresh rosemary being burned.

“Toasted Quinoa Old Fashioned” – 27 Restaurant
Obviously you’ll spend your post-meal hang at The Broken Shaker, chatting over one of their top-notch daily punches, but the secret weapon? The upstairs bar at 27 Restaurant and their equally delicious drink menu. We love this one because it’s the lightest Old Fashioned around.

“Japanese Whiskey Sour” – Sherwood’s Bistro & Bar
Not even open a month and Sherwood’s Bistro & Bar is already a neighborhood favorite. Spend some time at the Magnolia Bar and you’ll notice something missing: name-brand spirits. All their liquor comes from small-batch distilleries and you can really tell in the smoothness of their Japanese Whiskey Sour.


“The Aristocrat” – The Corner
Ask a local where to go on the super late night tip and there’s no way they won’t mention The Corner. It doesn’t take much to set a good vibe here, but their drinks will definitely put you over the edge. This one’s top of the list. Hint: it’s the sage.

“West Side Swizzle” – Wynwood Diner
Their menu is equally as welcoming, with everything you want from an upscale diner. But it’s Wynwood Diner‘s drinks that have you coming back. If they don’t have their seasonal Pimm’s Cup (our personal favorite) reach for the West Side Swizzle and see what happens.

“Collins Park” – Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Co.
It may have a long name but their mixology program is straight to the point. You’ll find epic twists on your classic favorites at Sweet Liberty, with tons of Miami odes thrown in. Being adjacent to Collins Park, this one’s a light and fresh tribute to their own neighborhood that everyone can enjoy.

2011-03-16-GingerSmash“Ginger Smash” – Employees Only
The New York City crew really got it right with this one. Not only is the atmosphere one of the most breathtaking in the city, but the bites and sips at Employees Only are next level. We love the Ginger Smash not because it’s the first on the list, but because who can say no to fresh pineapple?

“Mr. Anderson” – The Anderson
In case you haven’t stopped by this Eastside Gem, it’s a full-blown tribute to the 80s-or what some would argue, Miami’s greatest time. Between pop culture references, a tiki shack, and a dark dive bar, the Mr. Anderson stands out because it mixes an unlikely pair: Bourbon and Mezcal.

“Charcoal Oaxacan” – Charcoal Garden Bar + Grill
Don’t let the outdoor attitude of this Wynwood beauty fool you, the shipping containers are more welcoming than you might think. Oozing with friendly vibes from its Wynwood Yard neighbor, Charcoal has some of the city’s best drinks; like their Charcoal Oaxan with activated charcoal for a detox effect.


“Miami Mule” – Ball & Chain
We can’t pass over Little Havana and its rising nightlife scene. With new openings like Bar Nancy, we love what’s happening over there. But Ball & Chain‘s history reigns supreme and so does its musical and cocktail lineup. The Miami Mule is a perfect 305 ode with fresh key lime juice thrown in.