Citadel | Tacos For the Soul: Taquiza
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Tacos For the Soul: Taquiza

Tacos For the Soul: Taquiza

taquiza-106Food halls are a great opportunity for creative culinary concepts to shine through, an alternative platform for them to get their craft out to the hungry public. But a food hall wouldn’t be an authentic gathering place for flavor without the classics we all love. From sushi and noodles to sandwiches and burgers, halls like ours will have all the comfort food to hit any spot. For us, it’s about fostering local connection by using the great minds that are already in Miami. And one of those names that filters out in the food scene is Steve Santana, the chef behind some of the city’s most delicious Mexican fare: Taquiza.

When The Citadel opens, tacos will reign supreme every day of the week, not just Tuesday. With hands (and taste buds) as talented as Santana’s we know our food is in good hands. For nearly three years, Taquiza has been a regular on all of Miami’s “Must Eat” lists and every one that singles out the taco as a dish to beat. Pounds upon pounds of fresh blue corn is ground daily and transformed into the now trademark blue corn tortillas and (our personal favorite) totopos. With Steve, everything is all about simplicity. It’s not one of those extensive menus with crazy food fusions and unique flavor pairings. It’s soul food, Mexican-style.

taquiza-84Authenticity is key here. The experience in itself is as if a classic Mexican street food cart popped up and transformed into a Miami Beach locale. The staff is friendly and the menu is easy to navigate, nothing unexpected…except the quality of product. Operative word here is “quality.” The best ingredients are sourced both locally and from the homeland so everything works together to build the savory landscape of Mexico and its food that we all have come to love. From grasshoppers in your tacos to Mexican sodas, you’re transported to a place where food is king and the pleasure derived from it is life.

These key pillars of Taquiza are what The Citadel itself is founded on. Quality in our community, authenticity, understanding of culture, and the social nature of your food experience. Nothing distracts you from your food but the delicious flavors you can taste while enjoying it. This attention to detail and respect for roots is what we stand for. You can expect his world-famous blue corn tacos and curated menu at his food hall concept, plus other Taquiza favorites and of course, a whole lot of guacamole.

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