Citadel | Santuario Brings Wellness Just Down the Street
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Santuario Brings Wellness Just Down the Street

Santuario Brings Wellness Just Down the Street

After the wild success of Sherwoods next door and our excitement for Nomad Tribe opening up across the street, we’re not surprised that the neighborhood is growing both in buzz and in culture. While our sister co-working space, MADE at The Citadel, has become Little River’s anchor for creative and entrepreneurial growth, the area has been emerging in many other realms. A little ways down NE 2nd Ave is a cluster of small businesses and galleries including the newest wellness outpost in the neighborhood: Santuario.


If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to walk into a wellness studio run by travelers and pure fans of life, this is it. Imagine that friend, or maybe it’s you, who loves to explore the world and lives by the wanderlust creed. The friend who is both in tune with their body and the world around them. The kind of person who is good at anything athletic or involving the outdoors but also loves a good indoor cuddle puddle. That’s exactly who Santuario was founded by, and the motto it wishes to instill upon every patron.

“True to Miami style, we are an eclectic group of people from from different places, with different passions, and we hope to welcome you in exactly the same way. Santuario Miami is not just about the yoga, but about building a community.” says their website. Open just a few months ago, the space is already lending itself as an escape or haven for those of us looking for a wellness studio walking distance away. They offer an array of classes, particularly yoga, throughout the day with a monthly membership fee as low as $69.