Citadel | Our Story
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Our Story

Welcome to innovation’s true marketplace

Sprung from Miami’s need for a diverse food hall concept, and as a direct result of the city’s current creative sprawl, The Citadel bridges the creative and collaborative under one roof. Originally built in 1951 as a Federal Reserve Bank, this 60,000 square foot representation of the MiMo architectural style is entirely unique to Miami and the surrounding historic Little River neighborhood. 

Its primary pillars are founded upon its core components of food, fashion, service, creative office space, and a fully-functional rooftop bar—all acting as a platform for business growth and creative development. To locals and curious visitors, The Citadel satisfies every need—from culinary to aesthetic and beyond. Without ever having to leave the building, the creative tenants housed at The Citadel can discover inspiration on every floor.  As a monolith for innovation and a driving force behind Miami’s current cultural revival, The Citadel will become the primary destination for a true gathering of the minds (and taste buds).