Citadel | Nomad Tribe is Coming to the Neighborhood!
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Nomad Tribe is Coming to the Neighborhood!


Nomad Tribe is Coming to the Neighborhood!

nomad-tribe-ethical-fashion-1061After the wild success of Sherwoods next door, we’re not surprised that the neighborhood is growing both in buzz and in culture. While our sister co-working space across the street, MADE at The Citadel, has become Little River’s anchor for creative and entrepreneurial growth, the area has been emerging in many other realms. Across the street from us and to the left of MADE is a three-part retail outpost that will now house one of Miami’s most thought-conscious outlets: Nomad Tribe.

If you’ve had the chance to walk through the area anytime recently, you would’ve noticed some serious movement happening in the building. The new outside landscape for one, but also a distinct new design happening on the corner-most store. This will be Nomad Tribe’s third and newest location. It’s not your average boutique. Everything at Nomad Tribe has been hand-picked to generate a social message and educate consumers about marketplaces around the world. Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 12.09.31 PM

Fair-trade and sustainability are just the beginning at Nomad Tribe, they take it a few steps further to connect shoppers with the artisans who hand-made or designed the products themselves and from what kind of society those very products (and people) were born. You can expect gorgeously hand-crafted wood designs aimed towards keeping the products and experience at the forefront with no distractions. It may take a little bit for the shop to open, but for now you can relish in their positive message at their two other outposts in Wynwood and Miami Beach.