Citadel | New to the Neighborhood: Rail 71
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New to the Neighborhood: Rail 71

New to the Neighborhood: Rail 71

You know that rush of excitement that barrels, pulsing through your veins, when you discover something new? Something you know you’ll immediately enjoy? These sorts of mini “wins” are happening all around the city, as it grows into the rightful cultural metropolis we knew it always had the potential to be. But instead of waiting for the brilliant end-result, there are a few innovators taking advantage of the growth and rooting their visions into the soil, giving us locals more places to celebrate the change. Enter: Rail 71 Café.

Now, if you know anything about Little River and the surrounding neighborhoods, you know it’s going through that same change. More businesses are calling the area home, leading the boom’s pack with big plans in mind. Now Rail 71 may not be a big restaurant by any means, but what it signifies for the community is colossal. Organic produce, grass-fed poultry and meats, free-range eggs, and house-made dishes at affordable prices that don’t cut down on flavor? Yeah that’s new to the neighborhood too and it really is a big deal.

Owner Aaron Fahimian, hailing from London, is already well on his way to integrating himself in the local creative community. The impeccable typography and brush-work of Wynwood Sign painting graces the walls, welcoming patrons to Florida, Miami, and to Little River. Scotty’s Wonders, a local woodsmith who has helped dress many favorite locales, constructed the woodwork that gives the entire outpost a warm, welcoming feel. They proudly serve Panther Coffee and hearty creations on Zak The Baker bread, plus the succulent jams and jellies of Nic & Luc Fine Food Purveyors, another Miami-bred superstar.

We entered the ever-so-slightly inconspicuous café, surrounded by creative agencies in an establishment soon to filled by similar tenants, hungry for something comforting, and that’s exactly what we got. The atmosphere is light and simple, just like its menu, and we immediately knew we’d be coming back…with friends. We had the Crunchy Greek Salad, bursting with the freshness you’d find straight from the vine, or Mediterranean itself. Followed closely by the Avo Toast, which can never really go wrong, but whose hefty serving of avocado reminds you what it’s like to eat at a place that has nothing to hide. The JoJo Tea in our hands was warm, just like our hearts, to see a slice of our neighborhood’s future: bright with kindness and color.