Citadel | Neighborhood Spotlight: Great Circle Coffee
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Neighborhood Spotlight: Great Circle Coffee

Neighborhood Spotlight: Great Circle Coffee

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 4.28.55 PMBeing situated in the heart of Little River, our surrounding neighbors of Little Haiti, Liberty City, Eastside, and MiMo aid to the vibrancy of culture that can be found blending together in the area. This calls for some of the most authentic eateries, galleries, and cultural spots in the city, standing tall for decades with the help of dedicated regulars whose daily lives would be disrupted with by their disappearance. Even in the pockets of burgeoning streets and yet to be developed areas, the promise of great spots to come hangs in the air.

Of course, even before these places become the space to be, there are always visionaries who see value in a location when it’s still yet to blow up. Nestled by the train tracks neighboring what will soon become the Magic City Innovation District and along the future Brightline track is a small commune of local businesses working hard to spread some seriously delicious love around the city. One of them has been a good friend to The Citadel and our sister co-working space, MADE at The Citadel, keeping us awake with their golden magic: Great Circle Coffee.
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Founded by native Guatemalan, Sergio Boppel, he and Great Circle have been intertwined in the coffee culture since birth. It’s more than just one of very few local coffee roasters, it’s an open book into the story of Central America and Latin America’s history in coffee. Aside from serving up some smooth and unique blends of all-natural, organic roasts, Great Circle’s main goal is to work closely with the people who grow (and know) coffee, and provide more opportunities for their own business to thrive along the process.

When you drink their roasts, you’re sipping history and culture, and you’re also investing in some of Boppel’s most dear social beliefs. Things like supporting female farm owners, bridging the gap between convenience and health-consciousness, and magnifying the idea that a company can be sustainable and magic a quality-based product. When you really look at the brand (and drool over their amber cold brew), you’re seeing into the cycle of commerce: create a market here, and support the ones who help make it come to life. Or in their words: the Great Circle.

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