Citadel | Neighborhood Spotlight: Eastside Pizza
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Neighborhood Spotlight: Eastside Pizza

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Neighborhood Spotlight: Eastside Pizza

Being situated in the heart of Little River, our surrounding neighbors of Little Haiti, Liberty City, Eastside, and MiMo aid to the vibrancy of culture that can be found blending together in the area. This calls for some of the most authentic eateries, galleries, and cultural spots in the city, standing tall for decades with the help of dedicated regulars whose daily lives would be disrupted with by their disappearance. We might be betraying the secrecy of in-tune locals when we highlight our neighborhood favorites, but small businesses are meant to be supported and shared with the rest of the world. But here goes.

EastSidePizzeria_03There are quite a few great food spots that have been around in the neighborhood for years, representing a wide spectrum of cultures and flavors. But there’s nothing quite like a good pizza. Which makes us even more proud that one of the city’s best slices can be found just a few blocks east of us: Eastside Pizza. Open for nearly 10 years, it’s the kind of neighborhood joint you’d go to on the regular because, like a true friend, it never lets you down. The spot serves up fresh pies by the slice or whole, and it’s as New York style as it gets.

There’s a spacey outdoor patio perfect for a large crowd after a night out at The Anderson right next door, or an intimate indoor seating area where you can have a conversation over a soda and a slice. But don’t be fooled by the classic dish in their name, their other Italian options are just as delicious and the definitely hit the spot. Garlic rolls, pasta, sandwiches, subs, stromboli and calzones–they have it all. It’s a no-frills, come as you are kind of place. It’s everything you want out of your neighborhood pizza joint.