Citadel | Miami’s Best Avocado Toasts
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Miami’s Best Avocado Toasts

Miami’s Best Avocado Toasts

Although avocado toasts may seem soooooo 2016, the green fruit will forever reign as one of the greatest delicacies of the tropics. We might have a particular love for the California type, but Miami doesn’t let that get it down. All over the city (and on virtually every brunch menu), avo toasts have become a staple to be drooled over. As we (not so) patiently await the opening of our food hall this fall and with it the subsequent Threefold Cafe creation dedicated to the dish, Smashing Avo’s, we’ve broken down some of Miami’s best versions across town:

Threefold Cafe
Gotta start in the family on this one. They’ll not only be providing The Citadel with coffee and breakfast goodies, but Threefold Cafe will also be masters of the avocado, featuring the city-famous classic. A Zak the Baker toast, piled with sautéed mushrooms, topped with an avo-basil mash, and sprinkled with feta and micro greens. Perfect.

Rail 71 Cafe
Semi-new to the neighborhood, Rail 71 Cafe has already become a popular lunch spot for the area’s bursting creative scene. The rustic locale has everything you need from local coffees and teas, to packed sandwiches and an epic breakfast menu. On it is a mile-high avocado toast with cilantro, tomato, and paprika for a comforting kick.

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This spot has been a neighborhood favorite ever since it opened. The kind of snuggly, library-like vibes you can only get from a small mom-n-pop. Their dinner menu is absolutely romantic but it’s the breakfast and brunch that will have you coming back. This LOBA avocado toast is simple yet puts the fruit at the forefront with stacked semi-circle slices topped by salt and red pepper flakes.

Zak the Baker
We can’t have a list of avocado toasts and not include the one that catalyzed it onto Miami’s Instagram feeds. Zak the Baker, providing the toast to many of the list’s spotlights, makes things as comforting and real as they should be, with real rooted flavors taking center stage. One of their star breakfast plates is their avocado toast, mixed with cilantro and topped with heirloom tomatoes for a fresh take.

All Day
Downtown is seeing its day. Partly because of the success of The Corner as the surrounding nightclubs that call the area home for nightcrawlers and intellectuals alike, it’s definitely seeing an influx of its creative crowds. A new gem to the area is All Day, one of Miami’s most beautiful spots for a coffee is a sweeping, trendy atmosphere. Here, their avo tartine introduces pickled onion and puffed quinoa for a gourmet turn.


The Local House
Many residents might feel hesitant to visit a hotel for a meal, wary of being met by Miami Beach prices or feeling unwelcome amongst the visitors. But Sense Beach House has tapped into the adventurous Miamian with The Local House, a delicious and reasonably priced intimate bistro that serves some seriously comfy dishes like the one in question. A huge slice topped with avocado, bacon slices, and a dirty fried egg.

Miami’s purveyors of eating clean have expanded into their second location in Sunset Harbor but have kept their rooted understanding of simple flavors and vibrant textures. On the Dirt menu, still reigning supreme is their epic avocado toast, boasting a bed of Zak the Baker, the green mash, with extra virgin olive oil, sunflower sprouts and sea salt. Top with an egg and you’re golden.