Citadel | Get to Know GreenG Juice Bar, Our Fresh-Pressed Masters
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Get to Know GreenG Juice Bar, Our Fresh-Pressed Masters

Get to Know GreenG Juice Bar, Our Fresh-Pressed Masters

GreenGJuiceBar_PrismJune2017_-15Food halls are a great opportunity for creative culinary concepts to shine through, an alternative platform for them to get their craft out to the hungry public. But a food hall wouldn’t be an authentic gathering place for flavor without the classics we all love. From sushi and noodles to sandwiches and burgers, halls like ours will have all the comfort food to hit any spot. For us, it’s about fostering local connection by using the great minds that are already in Miami. Like the family-bred fresh-pressed juice concept, GreenG Juice Bar who will be bringing refreshing plant-based goods to our patrons all day, every day.

Founded in 2012, the neighborhood juice bar has quickly risen to local fandom with their soulful take on freshly made classics like bowls, smoothies, and juices. It’s a family owned business and you can feel the authentic love from the moment you walk into the wood-lined spot. Three siblings came together with a shared love for healthy alternatives and powered by the similar concepts that came before them: “As Colombians we grew up around nature” said Andrea Plazas, Co-Founder and CEO, “Grandma’s health and beauty secrets stayed in our culture for generations because we know the power that nature provides.”GreenGJuiceBar_PrismJune2017_-11

Far away from their home country, the siblings saw an immediate need to be re-connected to nature and all the positive qualities it contains. “We saw that our generation was craving a healthy and an active lifestyle,” she said. “We decided to create that space we didn’t have.” A pre and post workout spot where all members of the community can come to chill and indulge in energy boosters with quality ingredients and vibrant flavor combinations all born out of a passion for fitness and to promote positive habits for the future.

GreenGJuiceBar_PrismJune2017_-12They reign in the kingdom of superfoods. After training in San Diego and becoming a certified health coach, Plazas and her siblings have incorporated the healthy way of living into their own lives, which makes swallowing their products even easier knowing they come from real-life believers. When it comes to their upcoming concept at The Citadel, they’ll be serving up cold-pressed juices, superfood & protein smoothies, and acai & smoothie bowls. “Miami by locals for locals its key for me and my siblings” Plazas said about working with our upcoming food hall and we’ve geared ourselves to bringing Miami to its community by working with the great people, like Plazas and her siblings, who make it so great already.



Photos by Fujifilm Girl.