Citadel | Crazy Food Trends of 2017 and Where to Eat Them in Miami
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Crazy Food Trends of 2017 and Where to Eat Them in Miami

Crazy Food Trends of 2017 and Where to Eat Them in Miami

Food, like art, is a realm built on the foundation of creative exploration. Pairing flavors, introducing otherwise unthinkable spices, and developing unimaginable dishes that look like they jumped right out of a sci-fi film. As technology advances, so does the culinary world–with chefs implementing new scientific methods to how they cook, freeze, and present their creations. But 2017 has seen some things that might have gone a little too far, or maybe they’re just the right amount of color we need in our world today. Check out some fun food trends that you can find in our city:

Unicorn colored foods

Maybe it’s the popularity of music festivals, maybe it’s our childhood ties, but unicorns have made a hard comeback…even down to our plates. This year has seen unicorn lattes, cakes, and even spaghetti, and we’re not entirely sure how we feel about that last one. But we do know that Cream Parlor‘s “Unicorn Poop” ice cream and subsequent sandwich are both some of the most delectable desserts in the city.

Gold leaf dusting

This one looks more like something out of Versailles’s Hall of Mirrors or a Renaissance feast rather than a mythological fairytale. Gold leaf has returned to our world and moved from the art studio into the kitchen with gold ice cream sundaes becoming the rage across the country. Antonio Bachour, renown pastry chef coming to The Citadel, created gorgeous gold desserts at Bachour Bakery + Bistro for you to ogle.


Raclette Cheese

Although raclette has been a traditional dish and mealtime entertainment of the cheese persuasion in Switzerland for centuries, it only recently became a fad in the states after a video went viral with the oozing cheese pouring over a diner’s meal. It really is that epic. You can enjoy this melted cheese at most French restaurants in Miami, and if that’s not enough you can buy your own at Marky’s Gourmet.

Towering desserts

First it was Bloody Mary’s getting out of control, with fixins that towered over each other for an Instagramable moment that was relatively undrinkable. Now, the embellishing has moved to milkshakes and sundaes, with dessert creations that reach new heights. Although we don’t want to know how many calories lie in each dessert, you can find this style of sweets at places like Vicky’s House or Craft Cafe Sobe.

Raindrop Cake

It seems like something that belongs in a futuristic novel or show, but it packs a punch of flavor. Like the raclette, the raindrop cake has been around for a while and only recently made its way to stardom via viral videos. Somewhat jellyfishy in physique, they may look like they can’t be touched, but it really is more about the experience than anything else. Grab one at 107 Coffee & Dessert and play with your food once and for all.