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14 Sep Miami’s Cocktail Culture On the Rise

We at The Citadel are happy to be growing with Miami as it undergoes its metamorphosis into a cultural juggernaut. We've highlighted the food and art scene, but let's take the time to tip our hats off at some of our favorite things: cocktails. No...

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17 Aug Miami’s Local Dishes & Where to Find Them

With the flood of cultures throughout Miami's history, the food scene has been colored with flavors of the near and far. Sure, quite a large amount of your go-to munchies are of the Latin persuasion, but there's enough to cover the world here, and your...

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17 Jul New to the Neighborhood: Rail 71

You know that rush of excitement that barrels, pulsing through your veins, when you discover something new? Something you know you'll immediately enjoy? These sorts of mini "wins" are happening all around the city, as it grows into the rightful cultural metropolis we knew it...

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14 Jun What’s Hot: 2016 Food Trends

With food soon to be our bread and butter (literally), we want to take the time to spotlight certain innovations, or reintroductions into our current culinary climate. Alliterations aside, who doesn't love food? The very act of satisfying a flavoral desire, sharing in both cuisine...

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12 May A Day in the Life: Foodie Tribe

Yesterday's Instagram takeover by Foodie Tribe was mouth-watering, to say the least. As a collective of talented food bloggers and writers, and founded by RandoMiami, Foodie Tribe helps get the word out on all the best eats in this city and around the country. We...

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