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15 Jun Crazy Food Trends of 2017 and Where to Eat Them in Miami

Food, like art, is a realm built on the foundation of creative exploration. Pairing flavors, introducing otherwise unthinkable spices, and developing unimaginable dishes that look like they jumped right out of a sci-fi film. As technology advances, so does the culinary world--with chefs implementing new...

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12 Jun Get To Know: Sherwoods Bistro

By Tyler Sminkey. Sherwood’s Bistro & Bar, the newest neighborhood spot serving fresh comfort food made-from-scratch, has finally opened its doors to welcome hungry patrons while embracing the charm and history of Miami’s Little River. Located across the street from The Citadel, the new dining...

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22 May A Taste of Italy by Bianco Gelato

Food halls are a great opportunity for creative culinary concepts to shine through, an alternative platform for them to get their craft out to the hungry public. But a food hall wouldn't be an authentic gathering place for flavor without the classics we all...

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17 May Third Wave of Food Concepts Announced!

Just when you thought our collection of flavors couldn't get any better, plot twist: they have. When selecting our eateries, we could've easily imported culinary talent from other cities but why do that when Miami's heavy-hitters give them a run for their taste buds? Joining...

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08 May How to Perfect a Food Concept

There comes a time in everyone's life where the idea of opening a bar or food concept seems like a fun project. Who hasn't daydreamed about owning their own restaurant, welcoming all their friends and family over for delicious food and a great atmosphere? But...

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27 Apr First Look: Smashing Avo’s

Food halls are the culinary watering hole where all sorts of flavors and ideas can gather together and share the same stage under the same roof, at the same level. It's a wonderful opportunity for established eateries to break the mold they've built for themselves...

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21 Apr Neighborhood Spotlight: Football Sandwich Shop

Being situated in the heart of Little River, our surrounding neighbors of Little Haiti, Liberty City, and MiMo aid to the vibrancy of culture that can be found blending together in the area. This calls for some of the most authentic eateries, galleries, and cultural...

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