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18 Jul How Successful are Pop-Up Shops?

Very. Although we may be biased, we're feeding off the overall trend taking over the business industry so we're not alone in thinking that developing a strong pop-up shop is beneficial in many ways for all sorts of retailers. When half of our consumer footprint...

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02 Nov 12 Books Every Designer Should Read

As we continue moving in this creative renaissance and cultural space that Miami is carving out for itself, it's important to look back at the bigger picture and make sure that things aren't just being done intentionally, but correctly--at that. We may have an immense...

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10 Aug What Does Typography Say About Your Brand?

"Typography (from the Greek words τύπος typos "form" and γράφειν graphein "to write") is the art and technique of arranging type in order to make the language it forms most appealing to transparent learning and recognition." Typography is energy transcribed. Many times, typography and font...

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08 Aug Local Treasures: 9 Brands that Rock Miami

While we're celebrating the fact that each of Miami's creative "scenes" is on the rise, we're dissecting how and why they're killing it around town. Thanks to the recent magnification of the art scene, every other artistic pillars is seeing much-needed attention. When The Citadel...

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12 Jul VR and the Mainstream

As we envision it, The Citadel's second floor will serve as the enriching environment for the best creatives of today, to develop the future of tomorrow. When we look at the landscape of technology, its trends rising as high as mountains or steadying like plateaus,...

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03 Jun 7 Innovative Ad Companies Shaping Your World

We may not like the idea of being catered to as a consumer, but unfortunately, it's an inescapable system. Advertising, the key hook of it all, is far more than targeting demographics and generating revenue for large corporations. It's a creative playing field, pushing the...

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