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Community News

19 Oct El Portal, a History

Located in Miami's Little River neighborhood, we are bordered by culturally vibrant and historical neighborhoods all around us at The Citadel. We provided you with a brief history of our area, so it's time to talk about our close friend to the North, just under...

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17 Oct Little River Night of Light Returns!

There seems to be two separate movements happening in regards to the diversity of Miami's culture. One is still stuck on the idea that our city is slow on the uptake, the other is entirely inspired in this blossoming "cultural revolution" as so many people...

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13 Oct Food & Culture: Eating Our Identity

When we look at the world on a holistic level, erasing all the lines that separate us on the maps, or the languages that form barriers within our societies, one significant factor prevails across the board: food. Food and the act of eating are, within...

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05 Oct The Importance of Interior Design

For a creative realm that is based primarily on aesthetic, design isn't always about exteriors. When you take a structure, for a example, the architectural design and facade are equally as importance as what it may hold. If the two are disconnected, the viewer's feeling...

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27 Sep How Food Halls Support Communities

We may be pinning the same tail on the same donkey, but our city's creative landscape is growing at an inspiring rate. As it begins to evolve and as both locals and transplants nurture innovative ideas, more and more age-old platforms have begun to pop...

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