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Community News

02 Dec Public Transit Day at Mina’s

On December 9th, with the help of local outlets like The Miami Foundation, The Downtown Development Authority, and of course, Miami-Dade Public Transit, Radical Partners will be urging the entire city to take the pledge and leave our cars at home so that we can all...

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08 Nov Why America Loves Food Halls

As anyone who has ventured across Europe would notice, epicurean-centered markets are not a revolutionary trend. Markets and food halls have been a part of cultures around the world for millennia. The rhythm of the day to day, the first-hand contact with farmers and makers,...

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02 Nov 12 Books Every Designer Should Read

As we continue moving in this creative renaissance and cultural space that Miami is carving out for itself, it's important to look back at the bigger picture and make sure that things aren't just being done intentionally, but correctly--at that. We may have an immense...

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