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Community News

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20 May Local Music Release: III Points 2016 Lineup

Here at The Citadel, we're proud to be neighbors with some of the city's most innovate minds dedicated to making it as creative as possible. Housed ever so comfortably under the MADE at The Citadel roof is one of Miami's most powerful collectives in the...

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17 May Best Deals During Miami Museum Month

We know that Miami's cultural identity may be relatively young compared to that of other creative cities. But the list of institutions that house art and design is more extensive than many locals may think. As a means to highlight the reservoir of creativity, the...

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12 May A Day in the Life: Foodie Tribe

Yesterday's Instagram takeover by Foodie Tribe was mouth-watering, to say the least. As a collective of talented food bloggers and writers, and founded by RandoMiami, Foodie Tribe helps get the word out on all the best eats in this city and around the country. We...

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11 May The Anatomy of a Food Hall

A creative and cultural hub, The Citadel is first and foremost a Food Hall, gathering the city's most curious taste buds and talented culinary experts under one roof. The beauty of a food hall's makeup is in its variety, boasting a representative of nearly every...

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05 May Great Organization Tips for Creatives

We all know what it's like to put in effort towards keeping your life organized. For entrepreneurs, when meetings and freelance gigs start to build up, things may seem a little overwhelming. But they shouldn't. Whether you're a successful business owner, or a budding creative...

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03 May Sips in the Neighborhood: Where to Drink

No matter how hard we try to think otherwise, merriment and drinking are very closely tied. Whether the sips are non-alcoholic or for adults, our whistles need something to keep them wet while we let the conversation flow and freely as that glass (or bottle)...

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Jan the Jaguar

27 Apr A Day in the Life: MRKT

Following our fun social media takeover by MRKT yesterday, we asked Arlene Delgado, the Artistic Director, a few questions on how it feels to be creative designers, work out of a coworking space and be overall badasses. Check it all out below: How long has...

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26 Apr Coworking and Community

"Creativity is collaboration" as Sir Ken Robinson so astutely points out. In a bustling coworking atmosphere, where a collection of creatives share a unified space, something awesome is bound to happen. Of course, for those entrepreneurs who are on a dime and looking to find...

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19 Apr Coffee Culture in Miami

The identity of coffee is a multi-faceted one. It's a morning pick-me-up that needs to be quick and on-the-go, it's an afternoon escape from a busy workday, or a smooth digestif after an evening meal. And how you drink your coffee, no matter the circumstance,...

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