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Arts & Culture

12 Jul VR and the Mainstream

As we envision it, The Citadel's second floor will serve as the enriching environment for the best creatives of today, to develop the future of tomorrow. When we look at the landscape of technology, its trends rising as high as mountains or steadying like plateaus,...

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05 Jul Why Miami is ‘The Gateway to The Americas’

It's basic knowledge that Miami's demographic landscape is heavily spiced with Latin-American and Hispanic cultural influences. Within the diverse population of locals lies representations of every single Spanish-speaking country in the world. More than just having ready access to cafecitos at a moment's notice, Miami...

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27 Jun Beck’s Urban Canvas Gallery

If you had the chance to stop by last Thursday's Beck's Urban Canvas Launch at The Citadel, you've would've basked in the glory of Miami's art scene at its finest. Here's the basic run down: Beck's Beer brought in the latents of Santiago Rubino, Christina...

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24 May Sid Lee-ds Montréal Towards Innovation

"Creative Answers to Commercial Questions" that's how the forward-thinking Sid Lee Studio describes C2 Montréal, just launching its 5th annual conference today. A non-profit organization, C2 gathers the world's leading thinkers and innovators in order to explore dynamic possibilities that can redefine the business world...

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17 May Best Deals During Miami Museum Month

We know that Miami's cultural identity may be relatively young compared to that of other creative cities. But the list of institutions that house art and design is more extensive than many locals may think. As a means to highlight the reservoir of creativity, the...

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