Citadel | A Taste of Italy by Bianco Gelato
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A Taste of Italy by Bianco Gelato

A Taste of Italy by Bianco Gelato

Bianco_-9 Food halls are a great opportunity for creative culinary concepts to shine through, an alternative platform for them to get their craft out to the hungry public. But a food hall wouldn’t be an authentic gathering place for flavor without the classics we all love. From sushi and noodles to sandwiches and burgers, halls like ours will have all the comfort food to hit any spot. And no meal would be complete without the perfect dessert to pair it with. That’s where Bianco Gelato comes in.

Bianco_-8 In the charming streets of Coconut Grove hides a sweet treasure that fills the hearts of its customers with the joy that only comes after eating a perfectly consistent ice cream. Handmade and organic, Federico Franco and his wife Carla created Bianco Gelato as a scoop of Milan, Italy in one of Miami’s most historic neighborhoods. As Italians, naturally, food is a driving force of their culture–and gelato is at the center of what makes them happy. After over 20 years of working in the food industry with Illy Caffe, the pair developed a deep appreciation for artisanal food and dishes packed full of healthy nutrients. They put the two passions together and created Bianco Gelato in 2015.

They were drawn to Miami’s multi-cultural society, a place the pair felt welcomes and comfortable. Bringing the classic techniques of Italian gelato making, they sought to revolutionize the current ice cream market by steering away from the unhealthy ingredients and preservatives found in mainstream brands and introduce “a very clean, simple, genuine and organic product.” The ice creamery has become a local favorite, the atmosphere being bright and welcoming for patrons of all ages. They’re the only organic-certified gelato in Florida and you can snag their gelato and sorbet popsicles around town at places like Miami Cafe in Wynwood or Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden. This fall, you’ll also be able to taste them at The Citadel.

Their pop up in our food hall will feature all the favorites, including their vast selection of vegan options, and their trademark great energy. They’ll want to have seasonal and specialty flavors on demand, with a heavy emphasis on their artisanal and organic techniques. What do they want patrons at The Citadel to expect at their concept? “A beautiful place to chill out with children and friends, with an awesome orga​n​ic certified gelato.​”