Citadel | 7 Ways to Find Inspiration for Entrepreneurs
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7 Ways to Find Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

7 Ways to Find Inspiration for Entrepreneurs

In the world of an entrepreneur, a million things may be happening at once and it gets easy to lose sight of what makes you excited to do what you do. When start-ups grow quickly or when projects begin to pile up, passion can get stifled and the connection to our work gets blurred by the lines of deadlines and client expectations. The cycle continues and before you know it, you’re functioning at a fraction of your inspired self. But as creatives, there are quite a few things we can do to stay inspired and ensure we’ll always working at the top of our creative game. Check out our tips to staying inspired:


The value behind getting away from your desk is immeasurable. Changing locations and atmospheres is like a breath of fresh air for creativity. But experiencing new cultures, places, cuisines, and multi-sensory moments is the key to staying constantly inspired. Travel changes your perspective, introduces you to new worlds and trends, and keeps your imagination high. It shakes things up and that’s what you need.


You wouldn’t believe how many of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and creatives list physical exercise as a key element to always staying inspired. When you allow your body to move, circulation is increased and your functioning body is set into an “airplane mode” where your mind is given full reign to explore ideas, stories, daydreams, executions and anything else you haven’t had time to think of. It’s multi-tasking at its most basic form.

Some quiet time to gather thoughts

Going back to the getting away from your desk idea, getting away from noise is also equally as important. Most of us entrepreneurs work in a co-working space, at home, or in a bustling environment. Sure, it’s great to have people to bounce ideas off of, but sometimes distractions might grow to a point where there aren’t any ideas to bounce. Take yourself away, sit in the corner with headphones on, and hunker down alone.

Taking art in

Checking out what other artists or creatives are up to in the world is essential. Whether it’s in your industry or across another platform, getting out and experiencing the work of others can bring fresh perspective to your own. Check out music, gallery openings, new things to see, feel, hear, taste–they all open your mind and bring inspiration with every look.


Share your ideas…

…and watch them grow. Quiet time is always necessary, but so is connecting with people you trust and sharing your ideas with them. Sometimes even speaking a thought out loud makes you visualize its execution and brings you closer to the finish line, or brings out that ideas flaws and makes you more efficient. Co-working spaces, conversations over coffees, even talking to friends who don’t even work with you, just make sure you’re not keeping your ideas to yourself. Who knows, you might find a future collaborator along the way.

Work your imagination

Your imagination is a muscle that, for every creative no matter the medium, should be kept at its most agile at all times. Your imagination is your greatest tool and is what makes you entirely unique. Stay away from screens for a bit and really dream out ideas, read children’s books, explore some poetry and visualize stories, listen to music and develop a choreography, give your mind free reign to roam every once in a while.

Always have a notebook handy

There are few less satisfying things out there than having a great idea and nothing to write it down with. Yes, we’re aware that our iPhones have notes, but physically writing something down makes you instantly more connected to it. Whether you’re writing a project idea down or just scribbling about observations, or even something more personal, get in the habit of writing things down and you’ll immediately give them more value.