Citadel | 6 Things That Inspire Local Makers: Laf Liv Lov
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6 Things That Inspire Local Makers: Laf Liv Lov

6 Things That Inspire Local Makers: Laf Liv Lov

Aside from acting as a connective tissue between Miami’s bustling food scene, we view our upcoming food hall as a hub for collaboration and a platform to open up entrepreneurial support for our city’s talented makers and designers. Our retail department, nicknamed The Finery, will boast some of the world’s current leading trends and findings on display all day every day, sprinkled with the local goods we’re proud to hype up. As we get in the creator mode, we’re asking some of our favorite makers’ caveats for inspiration and what fuels them to do what they do. First up: Raul Flores, founder of Laf Liv Lov, the vibrant brand that sells culture alongside authentic Mexican huaraches, shirts, accessories and brilliant flare. Check out 6 things that inspire him to do what he does and stick it to the big man:

e2698573672d37d63c20d56ef2f9233eNumero uno:
I have always being inspired by people. I like to observe their lifestyle, behavior, trends, their shapes, and the way they carry themselves. There is a uniqueness in everyone. I love good characters and personality.

Numero dos:
When I am in Miami, I love hanging out in Coral Gables. Miracle mile, run the golf course or just walk around downtown CG. But, Mexico and the places I go to in Mexico are my main inspiration. There is some type of routine that I just don’t do here at home in Miami. I walk more there, greet more people, eat different, read more, wake up earlier, focus more, dream more, write more. It’s as if time there is meant to create and learn so much.

Numero tres:
Fingerism, this is a movement I created in 2009 when I got my first Iphone and I started doodling using a basic drawing app. Now I have over three thousand illustrations, works, drawings, flyers, t-shirt designs–all made with just my finger! I also like to draw characters with long, limbs or long faces. Have fun with it.

Numero cuatro:
I love masks of all types. (One of my top favorite films is Rob Zombie’s Halloween 👻 ) I feel and believe that we all use a mask in our lives. Sometimes we hide the pretty with the ugly or the ugly with the pretty and that inspires me to learn more about people.cdde522d616c29bcefd2640b0599edef

Numero cinco:
Being positive. Positive people, positive work, positive vibes, smiles, humor, good news, successful stories. EVERYONE LOVE EVERYONE, DAMN IT!

Numero Seis:
COLOR! I love well-printed posters and colors. I would wear all black, but I like to see cool color combinations. Paper, poster, web, illustrations, minimal or everywhere. Color. EVERYWHERE!